Management Outlook

"To engage in reliable and safe personnel integration services while also aiming to be a company that contributes to society."

The President's Message

As a member of Toyota Industries Corporation Group, we, SunStaff, are bestowed with patronage not only from the Group and their related companies but also from the self-governing bodies who serve local administrations. While we offer manpower dispatching and introduction services such as dispatching services ranging from general office duties to specialized technical work and subcontracting service ranging from development design, intellectual property, to afforestation, we also engage in operations such as production site improvement guidance and human resource development through the training of new company employees.


All the scopes of our business thoroughly comply with laws and ordinances in accordance with Toyota Industries Corporation Group's "CSR" policy. At the same time, we are striving to contribute to society through activities for coexisting with society, developing local communities, and protecting the environment as "a good corporate citizen" and "a good public business with roots in the community".

Additionally, as a company dealing with human resources, we aim to offer our employees the opportunity to work in a safe and reliable work environment and to create their career plans. By performing their works corresponding to the plan, each day everyone can experience the feeling of personal growth and go forward feeling rewarded.

Hereafter, SunStaff will continue to conduct our services with sincerity, to satisfy our clients, and to precisely meet the needs of our clients. We wholeheartedly thank you for being granted your continued support.


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