Company Overview

Sun Staff, Inc. is a subsidiary of TOYOTA INDUSTRIES GROUP.


Our  services

[Translation & Interpretation Services]
In TOYOTA INDUSTRIES GROUP, we focus our services in the manufacturing field, by equipping our professionals with the 'know how skills', including technical & safety-related terminologies used in the TOYOTA GROUP environment better than the others, that plays a significant role in raising both efficiency and effectiveness during the transfer process of knowledge involving overseas employees and workers.
Our specialized staffs, who understand the cultural gap and business manners difference between countries, and have overcome the nationality and language barrier that exist in the globalization and rapid development of the manufacturing industries, will provide translation / interpretation service to facilitate a smooth business development and / or advancement for your company.
Available languages at the moment: Japanese, English, Chinese, Portuguese, France, Bahasa Indonesia (native speakers available)


[Integrated Professional Services]
As a part of TOYOTA INDUSTRIES GROUP, by taking advantage of the Human Resources network that can cope with extensive range of fast-growing job fields, we are able to respond and satisfy the needs of our clients until today. Our registrars (registration and record-management staffs) in Sun Staff, Inc. have lots of experience as well as excellent performance, and many other staffs also have high qualifications and strong academic backgrounds.

Temporary staffing and professional dispatch service
  • for office and industrial world : competence is absolutely, but personality also becomes our standard when it comes to the characteristics of our registered staffs, who are dedicated to various working environments, either for short-term or long term placement.
  • senior : the dispatch of those who have retired from large scale companies, but are still having high spirit and motivation as well as abundant experience, who will assure the position of talented specialists.
  • engineer : concentrated on the development of automotive industry, industrial vehicles, and also electronics fields, this kind of service is very suitable for facilities planning, production engineering, and other related activities.
  • in order to improve the core business of our client's companies, such as "routine tasks" or "duties with many simple load man-hours", either doing it in our client's company or bring back and doing it in our own company, our expert staffs will help to finish the work efficiently.
Employment agency
  • As for ourselves in TOYOTA INDUSTRIES GROUP, we continuously identify, analyze, and gather Human Resources Network that progressing rapidly, as a response to the demand from a broad spectrum of job fields. It is such an honor for us to introduce the most appropriate candidates who satisfy the criteria of your company. In addition, this will also benefit your company by reducing the cost and time wasted during the process of conventional recruitment.


[Human Resources Development]

In order to respond and accommodate a wide range of needs that demanding Human Resources whose skills have been equipped or possess a high technical knowledge, we conduct / provide various trainings, simulations, internships, workshops, etc. with specific and unique purposes and theme for each of the programmes offered.


[Kaizén Assistance in Manufacturing]

Our 'kaizén mentoring service' offers an enhancement of 'know how' skills to employees and workers of your company through 'on-the-spot kaizén activities', no matter what your business is: logistics, machinery and equipments, food products, consumer products, medical products, construction materials, etc. By adjusting to the circumstances in your company / factory, and also based on our concept “[we] perform what to try, then [you] try what to perform”, our trainers will not be afraid to become dirty while assisting your company workers / employees on how to implement kaizén correctly in order to optimize your company's productivity.


[Intellectual Property (IP) Services]
Intellectual Property can be used as a weapon by any company that holds it. Anything related to the countermeasures toward its invention, protection, and utilization is extremely important. Our company, Sun Staff, has been carrying the responsibility to manage the Intellectual Properties of TOYOTA INDUSTRIES GROUP for many years.

Our patent attorneys, IP-specialized staffs, as well as our dedicated and trustworthy engineers with excellent track-records who all are experts in handling the Intellectual Property issues will be happy to help your company in resolving any of your IP-related problems.


[Plantation & Landscaping Services]

In Sun Staff, we love the natural atmosphere around us, especially trees and other green things. In connection with this, we gather qualified staffs with high technical ability. At first, we started with the surrounding public facilities around us, then the plantation of factory or installation of a company, then expanded to plantation and landscaping care & treatment, green space management, etc. At present, we provide services that can be customized according to your needs.
Company name Sun Staff, Inc.
Established November 14th, 1990
Capital JP¥ 20,000,000
Company representative President KOUJI OKADA
Stockholder(s) Toyota Industries Corporation (100% share)
Licenses and authorization
  • General Worker Dispatchment Service
  • Charged Job Placement Service
  • General Construction Business License (landscaping contractors)
Main customers

More than 100 blue-chip companies (as per April 1st, 2012)
The others are: central government institutions, prefectural and city institutions, other institutions and organizations

Main bank
(for transaction)
Bank of Tokyo – Mitsubishi UFJ
Company Timeline and History
Nov.1990 Company establishment
Mar.1991 Introduces 'temporary staffing business'
Apr.1992 Introduces 'plantation & landscaping service'
Jan.2000 Introduces 'IP business'
Mar.2001 Initiates 'charged job placement service'
Jan.2003 Launches 'technical dispatchment service'
Oct.2005 Receives 'privacy mark sign'
Aug.2007 'technical dispatch division' changes its name to 'Toyota Industries Engineering'
Apr.2009 Starts a contract as 'entrusted governmental service'
Aug.2010 20th anniversary of the company
Our network and cooperation

Japan Staffing Services Association, Kariya Chamber of Commerce and Industry,
Ōhbu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Takahama City Chamber of Commerce & Industry,
Higashiura Town Society of Commerce & Industry, Nagoya Chamber of Commerce & Industry,
Nishio Chamber of Commerce & Industry, The TOYOTA Chamber of Commerce and Industry,
Japan Intellectual Property Association, Kariya Labor Standards Association,
Kariya Corporation Association, etc.

Total sales
JP¥ 2,781,000,000 (by the end of 2014 fiscal year)
Number of employees


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